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Rich Cooper

Rich is a worldwide professional photographer and journalist, and has been behind a camera for around 30 years. He has been commissioned for shoots all over the globe, with a 15-year pro career in publishing, editorial, design and journalism. Commercially, he provides stunning bespoke coverage of anything from a war zone or commercial product delivery to a family photo shoot or portfolio, he specialises in 'available light' and 'reportage' photography, is a coveted commercial and people photographer and is known throughout the world for his aviation images.

He is a Special Correspondent for Combat Aircraft magazine and undertakes UK and European submissions for J-Wings, Pacific Wings and AERO Magazine, and has been a member of the Royal International Air Tattoo Photographic Team for over 20 years. Amongst the awards Rich has won for his work, he was the 2012 Finalist in the Professional Photographer of The Year, and went on to win the coveted title of “Action & Extreme Professional Photographer of The Year” in 2014.

“Having started on a challenging mix of Olympus Trip compacts and steam-driven Praktica SLRs from the age of 7 in the early 1980s, I then moved to Minolta and stayed faithful throughout its magical Dynax range. Once the call of digital came in 2005, I stayed with the new Konica Minolta company and followed its merger into Sony, before switching to an all-Nikon line-up in 2011."

“Whilst working for a decade as Editor of Combat Aircraft magazine (largest military aviation magazine in the world) and Deputy Editor of Aircraft Illustrated (one of Europe’s longest-standing magazines), I established the Aviation Photo Club (APC). This organisation ran for five years and took groups of photographers all over the world on over 20x trips to 11 countries during the mid-2000s. Forming COAP in 2015 was a natural progression. Aviation photography is growing fast, yet opportunities and engagement is getting harder or non-existent – especially when compared to other genres. There was a need to harness the digital age amongst the aviation community, to develop workflow and technique, share insight and knowledge and, ultimately produce stunning end results. I hope COAP enables you and inspires you to take your photography to new heights!"

“Since COAP started, we have seen countless pro-level engagements with the world’s operational military. Due to the success of these Assignments, we have formed a second separate division that covers the media-driven operations. This is now operated as COAP Media, resulting in one unrivalled group in the field of aviation photography."

Steve Comber

Steven Comber is possibly the most travelled aviation photographer in the world having currently notched up shooting in 86 countries to date. As well as building both a family and business over recent decades, Steve has followed his passion for all things aviation related and finds himself on the road over 35 weeks a year.

Steve enjoys working with friends and professionals towards unimaginable opportunities. He is an air-to-air specialist having flown in many different types of cameraships (including, Beech 99, Beech Bonanzas, Cessna 206 & 208s, Harvards, P-51, BAC Strikemaster, Learjets, Citation I & IIs, Super Puma, MH-60, Let 410, C-27, C-130, Boeing 767 & KC-135s) flown by many different Air Forces and private operators all over the world. This has resulted in an extensive image library, often used in printed or electronic format – such as a those presented to the US & French Navy, Russian Air Force & Japanese Air Self Defence Force.

Working with world players, Steve uses both Canon and Nikon systems in a utilisation of their strengths. He has a strong focus on the world’s aviation preservation scene and museums. He is involved in many different photography ventures and is instrumental in the establishment and support of The COAP Group.

Logistics Partner - Alec Walker, your personal Travel Counsellor.

For all travel arrangements, COAP uses Alec Walker, your personal Travel Counsellor.

Alec is an aviation professional and enthusiast with over 15 years’ experience in arranging group and individual travel services. Backed by Travel Counsellors, one of the UK’s top travel management companies, COAP trips are protected under the Travel Counsellors ATOL Licence and unique Financial Trust. With a 24 hour duty office and direct contact to the unbridled personal service offered by Alec, Travel Counsellors is a perfect match for COAP. In addition to the excellent service, the technology offered by the Travel Counsellors “MyTC” Application for Android and iPhone offers a unique method of reviewing and retrieving COAP Travel Documentation, Flight Alerts and contact details, wherever you are in the world, helping drive COAP trips to a paperless, environmentally considerate future.

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COAP will enable you to…

•  Travel and work with the best operators and facilitators in the business.
•  Experience aviation photography all over the world.
•  Undertake amazing aerial photography experiences.
•  Develop technique, workflow & post-production.
•  Learn new skills & tricks of the trade.
•  Share insight & knowledge.
•  Produce outstanding end results.
•  Enjoy travelling in small groups of like-minded shooters.
•  Raise money for charity.

  • Would I recommend COAP to anyone? Without hesitation. It is a fantastic experience for anyone who likes taking aviation photos. The Centre of Aviation Photography is without a doubt the best thing I have done for my photography.

    Robert, Workshop attendee.

  • It was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments to be quite honest.

    Mark, Photo Shoot attendee.

  • What doesn’t change are the principles of great access and the opportunity to test and enhance your photographic skills not to mention the social side of gathering with fellow enthusiasts.

    Ian, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • I came out of the Workshop buzzing! A very enjoyable, relaxed and well planned event. I learned that the photograph is the end product, but getting that end product takes a lot of learning, a lot of effort, and on my part, a different way of thinking.

    David, Workshop attendee.

  • It was brilliant and exhilarating

    Mark, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • In a word: Superb. Nothing but praise from start to finish.

    Rolf, Photo Shoot attendee.

  • This week has been one of the best weeks of my life. It was nothing short of amazing. I'm so passionate about my photography and finally feel I have found a place to learn more with COAP. And to top it all one of the pilots wants one of my images!

    Mark, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • Holding a camera doesn't make a person a photographer, same as holding a driving license doesn't make someone a driver… COAP is a game changer. My thinking totally changed after the Wroskhop

    Adrian, Workshop attendee.

  • I look forward to the next ops – I’ve got the air-to-air bug for sure!

    Ian, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • Thoroughly enjoyable insight into life on a front-line RAF squadron with unparalleled photographic opportunities. Exceptional.

    Leigh, Photo Shoot attendee.

  • We never shot from the same place twice; between the different vantage points, the changing light and weather, and the reversal of flight ops as the wind switched, there was such a variety to the photographic opportunities.

    Steve, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • It was an incredible rush.

    Erik, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • It was just truly incredible and something I will never forget. I didn’t just have such an amazing time and snapped some beautiful aircraft, I met amazing people who I am still in contact with.

    Josef, Photo Shoot attendee.

  • These have been immensely enjoyable, well run, good value bearing in mind the opportunities they deliver and all with a great social atmosphere, comradeship and not forgetting the essential ingredient of a good dose of banter!

    Tim, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • It was extremely informative and taught me a lot about taking aviation pictures even though i have been doing it for thirty years. I can’t wait to try things out.

    Andy, Workshop attendee.

  • The rush of looking out from the open ramp at the aircraft that get really close is amazing. This really is something you have to have experienced as an aviation photographer. The opportunity that COAP and Aviation Photocrew gave was amazing.

    Erik, Air-to-Air Shooter.

  • Exceptional, unrestricted access to life on a front-line squadron that is normally denied to members of the public. An excellent visit and I have to pinch myself to bring home the fact that I really was there and I was that close .

    Ian, Photo Shoot attendee.

  • Long days and an epic week that none of us will ever forget with experiences that will live for us forever. Fantastic COAP trip.

    Carl, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • I can quite categorically say that was the most important and inspirational click on a mouse in my life and completely changed how I approach all my photography and editing.

    Mark, Workshop attendee.

  • This was such an exhilarating experience, something that I’ll never forget. This is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time, but now I’d like to repeat this on a regular basis, it’s so addictive!

    Darren, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • Air Combat EU provided a simply exhilarating experience for my first air-to-air back seat photography flight. Any feelings of apprehension were allayed by the support and ideas given during both the pre-flight briefings and the flights themselves. The pilots were knowledgeable, safe and informative throughout the entire experience and I constantly caught myself smiling even when I was upside down!

    Carl, COAP ACE Graduate.

  • I knew it would be good but had no idea it would be that good! So much variety and so much time face to face with such fantastic machines, as well as some really good company for three days.

    Chris, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • The course will show what is involved in the planning and execution of an air-to-air sortie to produce the type of images that you see in books and magazines.

    Mark, COAP ACE Graduate.

  • The opportunity to fly with Air Combat EU and COAP was a fantastic chance to experience the planning and execution of backseat air-to-air photography. Under the expert guidance of the COAP pros and former fast jet crews the results were better than I could have ever hoped for as a ‘first timer’. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the experience.

    Neil, COAP ACE Graduate.

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