Feedback from enthusiast photographers after their visits to RAF units facilitated by COAP.

  • I am very pleased with what I have taken and in fact it is when looking back through them that it really sinks in just how close we were. Was I really there? Did I actually do get to do this?

  • This was really special. I have been on base visits before but they have never captured that operational feel.

  • It was a fantastic insight into the way in which a modern fighter squadron operates.

  • The visit really brought home to me the extent of the infrastructure on just one base that is necessary to support 30 or so aeroplanes; staggering. I also got an insight into what a complicated organisation the RAF, and I suspect, most militaries are.

  • The talks and briefings by the aircrew were sensational and reinforced the tremendous sense of privilege that I felt being on the trip. My take away as it were was the understanding of just how well trained the aircrew have to be in order to do their job effectively.

  • I came away with a very positive opinion and insight into the state of today’s RAF. Our hosts were a credit to the service and are to be congratulated for the time they devoted to us and their attitude towards us as a group.

  • The time spent with our aircrew hosts was completely absorbing and their willingness to talk life in the RAF was a great insight. This really added to the event for me.

  • Aircrew were outstanding, both on the presentation, and at the base.

  • Fantastic, and a great insight into today's RAF given by our hosts.

  • First off let me thank you for all your efforts that enabled us to enjoy a rare insight into the day to day running of a frontline unit in the RAF. My opinion of today's RAF has changed immeasurably and am pleased to see a refreshing attitude to what must be far from ideal circumstances in today’s deployed world.

  • Aside from the fantastic photographic opportunities and access it was an awesome insight into the workings of station life and then to witness the skills of the crews out in the training environment was a real honour.

  • I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Squadron who was involved in our visit. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the hard work and professionalism of the RAF in its daily work.

  • It showed me that our RAF is an absolutely professional, competent team that demonstrated their abilities to the full. This is their day-to-day work and shows they are capable of working in any environment. Congratulations and thanks to all involved.

  • To watch and witness true professionals at work is wonderful. The RAF is the epitome of professionalism. Thank for an unforgettable two days.

  • An amazing two days, a real privilege. Certainly given me a new respect for what they do and I view the RAF very differently now.

  • Well what an epic day! Thank you enough such an immense opportunity! Total professionalism exuded yet so down to earth. For me I felt involved every single step of the way and I can firmly say that it's the first time that I actually felt part of the squadron rather than just an observer. I not only got photographs but experienced something I never have in my life and that's what will stick in the memory. Thanks again to you and Steve. Much appreciated!

  • All I can say is wow! Firstly thanks so much for all your hard work with the RAF to even make this a possibility, and for your enthusiasm and guidance over the last three days. I wasn't sure what to expect coming in on Sunday but everyone has been awesome and I've massively enjoyed it at all times.

  • The access for 'normal' civilians to come into their world has been incredible and really eye opening, and it was great to see them doing their everyday work rather than something being specially organised for the public at large. It's a cliché, but I really have experienced things I never thought possible for ordinary people. Huge respect.

  • To visit a frontline an RAF base and see how a squadron operates was awesome. The professionalism of the pilots was outstanding just seeing how they fly and conduct what they would consider an everyday occurrence was mind blowing. The entire scenario of squadron life and the comradeship was at its best and gave us all a true insight into everyday operations and with friendliness throughout.

  • The experience will live with me for a long time. What struck me from the two days was the professionalism, teamwork and ‘can do’ attitude that exists in the RAF to achieve the objectives that have been set. It truly became apparent that each individual is part of wider network, a network which wouldn't operate unless each person works to their full potential e.g. Aircrew, ground crews, engineers, atc, catering, pr, logistics etc. This is a side you do not get to see at an airshow. It made me reflect on the similar approaches we use in business to achieve our objectives and how actually service personnel are being training in the skills to succeed not only in the forces but in the business world as well.

  • I would just to say how thrilled I was with the visit over the last few days the organizing of such an event must be quite something and our RAF & COAP hosts did a fantastic job. The access that was was tremendous and not only give us the best views but kept us safe at all times. It was unbelievable also showed how highly skilled they are and I have nothing but admiration for them. I must say that it was one the most exhilarating photography experiences I have ever had.

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