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Develop your aviation photography, post-processing & end product skills at all levels.

Whether you are just starting out, a die-hard enthusiast or seasoned pro, COAP aims to work with you with a tailored series of Workshops across all levels and multiple aviation genres. You will learn the basic, intermediate and creative editing techniques, right up to the delivery of the end product – whether that’s a portfolio, magazine article, or you own published book.

COAP’s Rich Cooper delivers ‘game changing’ Workshops, either on specific genres within aviation photography or on the subject as its entirety. His network of professionals are also part of the delivery team, often giving a ‘Masterclass’ when in their country of residence or during specific events.

Workshops are regularly included into an Exotic Wings trip as relaxed affairs incorporated into the evenings. Of course, a week away in the action of an aviation photography-dedicated trip is also something of a Workshop by osmosis! COAP has some 60 years of aviation photography experience from which you can draw upon, day and night!

As our primary Workshop programme, we offer an entertaining and informative calendar of stand-alone Workshops, which offer a full day or weekend-long chance to indulge in taking your photography and processing to the next level. These are either offered as groups in comfortable, interactive workshop environments, or to small groups of photographers for higher-intensity tuition. They take place up and down the country, with a full day of theme-specific tuition (overnight stays as optional extras).

We work with pro Adobe Tutor Bryn Forbes, a Californian native, to bring a “Lightroom Roadshow” to the UK and Europe, offering beginner, intermediate/advanced levels for a week-long programme at strategic UK locations.

Bryn is a full time photographer and artist, who, according to friends at Adobe, may have the world's largest Lightroom catalogue. He has been photographing since elementary school, but let’s be honest he wasn't making amazing images with that 110 camera at that time.

While most of his art pieces are impressionistic, he loves getting razor sharp images of aircraft having grown up hanging out at the airport.

He teaches beginners without getting impatient and advanced pros without getting pedantic, all while trying to keep it light. His background in computer engineering and love for the visual arts has enabled him to work with Canon, Adobe, Intel, and more to translate between engineers and customers.

Workshops overview…

•  Get the absolute best out of your aviation photography and your images.
•  Learn how to use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for your aviation images.
•  Learn the “how to” tips and tricks.
•  Bring out the best of your images with file handling post-processing and creative editing techniques.
•  Turn redundant images into a stunning portfolio.
•  The business side of aviation photography and delivering an end product.
•  No more images left on hard-drives, doing nothing!.

  • Would I recommend COAP to anyone? Without hesitation. It is a fantastic experience for anyone who likes taking aviation photos. The Centre of Aviation Photography is without a doubt the best thing I have done for my photography.

    Robert, Workshop attendee.

  • I came out of the Workshop buzzing! A very enjoyable, relaxed and well planned event. I learned that the photograph is the end product, but getting that end product takes a lot of learning, a lot of effort, and on my part, a different way of thinking.

    David, Workshop attendee.

  • Holding a camera doesn't make a person a photographer, same as holding a driving license doesn't make someone a driver… COAP is a game changer. My thinking totally changed after the Wroskhop

    Adrian, Workshop attendee.

  • It was extremely informative and taught me a lot about taking aviation pictures even though i have been doing it for thirty years. I can’t wait to try things out.

    Andy, Workshop attendee.

  • I can quite categorically say that was the most important and inspirational click on a mouse in my life and completely changed how I approach all my photography and editing.

    Mark, Workshop attendee.

  • Exotic Wings #20

    A superb few days taking in the action from mainland Europe! Take in the action at Eindhoven during the multi-national tanker exercise, with the KLu KDC-10s in their final chapter of operations. We then have the European edition of the world famous COAP Lounge, with its brilliant mix of aviation photography challenges, debate and social interaction.

    The next day will present the optional chance to join the pros at the ACE back-seat air-to-air photography school, as well as visiting the excellent Lelystad museum collection. Ever wanted to undertake a back-seat air-to-air? This is the place.
    The fast jet action gets turned up a notch in the next two days, with European and US fighters taking part in Exercise ‘Frisian Flag’ at Leeuwarden, Netherlands, and Wittmund, northern Germany.

    We very much look forward to the variety of action and fun!

    Your travel with COAP will ensure you are part of a small, flexible and photography-focussed group, offering the highest degree of flexibility to ensure a maximum return from as many vantage points as possible (and not forgetting a great social scene!).

    LOCATION: Eindhoven, Emmeloord, Lelystad, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) and Wittmund (Germany) 
    SUBJECT: EARTT Tanker Training, Exercise ‘Frisian Flag’, COAP Euro Lounge, ACE air-to-air package.
    DATE: 13-17 April 2018
    PRICE: From £680 Land Only
    CAPACITY: 6x photographers 
    INCLUDES: • Full itinerary: Flights on the scheduled services of Ryanair from London’s Stansted Airport
    • UK and Dutch airport taxes, and UK Passenger Service Charge (subject to change)
    • Five days, with four night’s accommodation in rooms with en suite facilities 
    • Services of COAP Photo Manager.
    • Participation in Lounge event, with hire of meeting room and refreshments.
    • All transfer and travel costs.
    • Breakfast each morning
    • All logistics, bookings, admin, COAP services, transport, travel costs.


    DAY 1: FRIDAY, 13th APRIL
    Between 06:30 and 07:05 please check in with Ryanair at  London’s Stansted Airport. Then meet Rich Cooper of COAP, and fellow photographers, who will be gathering in the immediate area. As this is the busiest time of the day for going through security we recommend you check in at least 90-minutes prior to departure, i.e. 07:05.

    London Stansted, Ryanair Flight FR 9271, departs 08:35
    Arrives Eindhoven, arrives 10:40

    On arrival we collect our luggage from Baggage Reclaim and meet those arriving from other destinations in the Arrivals Hall before collecting our transport. 

    Eindhoven is host to the multi-national tanker participants of European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training (EART) exercise, and is likely to have tankers from France, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands on base. We will take in whatever ops are on hand from the viewing areas, especially as the KLu KDC-10s are soon to be retired. We then drive north to Emmeloord and stay two nights at the Hotel Emmeloord (Van der Valk) on a bed and breakfast basis. On-site facilities include restaurant, bar and free wi-fi. Website: 

    Euro Lounge! The world-famous COAP Lounge is a place to kick back, relax, unwind and talk aviation photography geekery to your heart’s content! Of course, in amongst all that enjoying ourselves and eating and drinking too much, there’s the ‘serious business’ of the COAP Lounge Challenges to showcase your photography talents to set themes. There’s also the chance to debate current topics from within the wonderful world of aviation photography. It’s a gathering of aviation photography like no other.

    The programme for this will be sent separately (it will be open to others, with around 10-20 a good working number). 

    We will start the activities in the hotel meeting room at 10:00 with refreshments, take a working lunch, and wrap it up around 17:00 and head to the bar for the appropriate debrief!

    DAY 3: SUNDAY, 15th APRIL
    A very special day, with plenty of options. We will be visiting the Aviodrome at Lelystad for the day. You can either undertake a series of air-to-air flights (see AA53), or spend the day visiting the Aviodrome itself with its excellent collection of historic airframes and displays… or a bit of both!

    Please see HERE for more details on how to become a COAP ACE!

    At the end of the day we move on to Leeuwarden, where we check in at the Eurotel Hotel in the centre of town for one night on a bed and breakfast basis. There is an on-site restaurant, bar and free wi-fi. Website: .

    DAY 4: MONDAY, 16th APRIL
    Today is all about fast jet action as we shoot the action at Leeuwarden AB, with exercise participation from multiple European and American units. The base offers a great spotters area, with exercises waves expected morning and afternoon. 
    At the end of the day we travel to Wittmund in Germany, staying one night on a bed and breakfast basis at the Ringhotel Residenz overlooking the historic market square of the town. This very comfortable hotel has a restaurant and bar on-site and wi-fi.Website: .

    DAY 5: TUESDAY, 17th APRIL
    The Canadian contractor DA Defence is supporting the exercise with its fleet of A-4 Skyhawks out of Wittmund AB. We will visit the base to shoot these rare birds in action.
    Mid-afternoon we  head south to return to Eindhoven and check in with Ryanair for our flight back to Stansted; latest recommended check in time is 90-minutes prior to departure: 19:05. 

    Eindhoven, Ryanair Flight FR 9274, departs 21:15
    London Stansted, arrives 21:25

    Joining & Booking

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    2) WATCH YOUR INBOX: Once this is ready to book we will contact you directly.
    3) BOOK: Login to the site and this page will become live for bookings. All you need to do is click the red button and fill in the booking form (and remember to pack your camera!)

    Questions about the Operations of the Event? E-mail Rich on or call direct on +44 (0)7768 816029

    THE SMALL PRINT: All dates are preliminary until confirmed and ready for booking. All events are subject to change (especially the Assignments, as they are conducted with operational squadrons) and are subject to security, operational, technical or weather issues. As such, COAP, Service Providers and the respective militaries are not responsible for cancellation at any stage, bad weather or non-flying activity. Safety and Insurance is your own responsibility and risk. Safety and insurance is your own responsibility and risk. Please note that some Assignments can be very, very physically demanding, in extreme weather, for extended periods of time, with intense , fast-moving activity and any bookings are accepted on that basis. If you have any questions about the physical undertaking, please get in contact.

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