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Exotic Wings & Exotic Wings Extreme

Bringing you the best opportunities in aviation photography…

Travel to the action, immerse yourself photography, shoot rarities, visit ‘bucket list’ destinations, experience the thrill of the chase, learn from specialists all over the world, enjoy a fantastic social scene… There really is nothing like it.

COAP has decades of professional experience in delivering aviation photography, whether it’s a professional and enthusiast engagement across military air arms and commercial operators, visiting airshows or conducting air-to-air photography sorties.

These operations are strictly for photographers and are dedicated to spending quality time in the best vantage points, often executed with local knowledge and experience in place, and sometimes working towards a specific end result for our hosts.

Such visits may include a Workshop tutorial or have a Masterclass built into them, whereby aircrew or specialist aviation photographers will present to the group in a relaxed, interactive format.

The EW Extreme operations include travel off the beaten track, and are more suited to the dedicated photographer that loves the thrill of the chase. They offer a chance to travel with pro aviation shooters, with in-country experience and local contacts, which otherwise may be too daunting or difficult to achieve. Not for the faint-hearted, you never know what you are going to get on the adventure, but if you do come away with results they will surely be of the highest and rarest quality.

Exotic Wings overview…

•  Small groups of dedicated photographers, spending quality time immersed in aviation photography.
•  Shadow the pros and develop your technique.
•  Workshop/Masterclass often built into the assignment.
•  Produce stunning end results.
•  Solid travel itinerary.

  • What doesn’t change are the principles of great access and the opportunity to test and enhance your photographic skills not to mention the social side of gathering with fellow enthusiasts.

    Ian, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • This week has been one of the best weeks of my life. It was nothing short of amazing. I'm so passionate about my photography and finally feel I have found a place to learn more with COAP. And to top it all one of the pilots wants one of my images!

    Mark, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • We never shot from the same place twice; between the different vantage points, the changing light and weather, and the reversal of flight ops as the wind switched, there was such a variety to the photographic opportunities.

    Steve, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • These have been immensely enjoyable, well run, good value bearing in mind the opportunities they deliver and all with a great social atmosphere, comradeship and not forgetting the essential ingredient of a good dose of banter!

    Tim, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • Long days and an epic week that none of us will ever forget with experiences that will live for us forever. Fantastic COAP trip.

    Carl, Exotic Wings traveller.

  • Exotic Wings #12

    An incredible event that showcases the latest technology and aviation equipment of the Russian military. Shoot Russian AF machines in action! Plus jaw-dropping Russian Photography Workshop.

LOCATION: Kubinka AB & Moscow
    SUBJECT: ARMY 2017 & Monino Museum, plus "Photography of the Russian AF" Workshop
    DATE: 22-27 August 2017
    PRICE: Land Only £1295 or £1425 with flights from London.
    CAPACITY: Limited

    INCLUDES: 5x nights accomodation on a FULL-BOARD basis, 4x days admission to ARMY 2017, Admission to Kubinka Aircraft Repair Plant, Admission to Monino Museum, Servives of Local Guide on set days, coach transfers from airport and to/from the event each day, Workshop & facilities, Translator, all logistics, admin and booking. Return flights from London Heathrow also available as part of the package.


    ARMY 2017 promises to be an incredible event that showcases the latest technology and aviation equipment of the Russian military.

    Fighters, bombers and helos are all on display at the foremost Russian AF base at Kubinka (flying and static), with three days of trade events followed by public admission. The aircraft take part in live-firing demos at a different location and they will operate from Kubinka for the period. There is also a full industry exhibition, as well as all ground-based military events at other locations in the region. You will be shooting frontline Russian AF hardware!

    Not only will this visit to Russia include a showcase Workshop of truly stunning photography from Andrei Zinchuk and Dmitry Pichugin - two of the country’s most prolific military photographers - but also include access to the world-famous Monino Museum, home to one of the most amazing collections of aircraft in the world (including many one-off Russian designs).

    The best chance to shoot Russian AF in action, as well as an awesome Workshop, the Kubinka Repair Plant and the awesome Monino. Not to be missed!


    IF flights are selected as part of your package, they will depart from London Heathrow at 10:40 and arrive at Moscow at 16:20. We then travel around 2hrs to our accommodation, located only a few minutes drive from Kubinka airbase where we stay 5 nights on a Full Board basis (breakfast, packed lunch & dinner).

    DAYS 2 - 5: WEDNESDAY, 23rd - SATURDAY, 26th AUGUST
    We depart each morning at 08:00 for four full days on Kubinka airbase and return to Tuchkovo each day at 17:00 after the official flying ends.

    It is from here that all the military aircraft taking part in the ‘Army 2017’ flying programme (including those doing live-firing on the Alabino tank ground 32 miles away) will take off and land.

    On the Wednesday morning, at 09:00, we start our visit to the Aircraft Repair Plant which has a good selection of aircraft on display: we see those inside and outside.

    On Saturday night we have a booked a meeting room for a an evening of jaw-dropping photography from our Russian photographers, Andrei Zinchuk and Dmitry Pichugin. Prepare to be blown away by shots that are impossible to achieve unless you are Russian and have the experience, quality and contacts of these guys.

    DAY 6: SUNDAY, 27th AUGUST

    Departing the hotel at 07:30 set off to visit one of the largest and best collections of aircraft in the world: the Central Air Force Museum – better known simply as “Monino”. We should arrive by 10:00 and will stay until 14:00 when the museum closes. You can eat your packed lunch either on the coach or in the grounds.

    As well as military aircraft associated with the Cold War of the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, there are also early examples of Russian aeroplanes, warbirds from WWI and WWII, and various classic Soviet airliners. For a list of aircraft and a gallery of photographs please go to the following website: www.moninoaviation.com/ix.html

    At 14:00 we depart for Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport and on arrival make 2 quick visits. The first is to the Aeroflot Il-62 on display; this replaced the well-known Il-18 which was on public view for many years but sadly was allowed to deteriorate until it was no longer safe.

    Our second visit is to the airport’s training group and its collection of an Il-76, Il-86 and a Tu-154.

    The return flights will depart Moscow at 19:25 and arrive back in London at 21:25.

    Questions about the Operations of the Event? E-mail Rich on rich@centreofaviationphotography.com or call direct on +44 (0)7768 816029

    THE SMALL PRINT: All dates are preliminary until confirmed and ready for booking. All events are subject to change (especially the Assignments, as they are conducted with operational squadrons) and are subject to security, operational, technical or weather issues. As such, COAP, Service Providers and the respective militaries are not responsible for cancellation at any stage, bad weather or non-flying activity. Safety and Insurance is your own responsibility and risk. Safety and insurance is your own responsibility and risk. Please note that some Assignments can be very, very physically demanding, in extreme weather, for extended periods of time, with intense , fast-moving activity and any bookings are accepted on that basis. If you have any questions about the physical undertaking, please get in contact.

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