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Bringing you the best experience in aviation photography…

The ultimate in aviation photography…

Air-to-air is the pinnacle of the aviation photography but it requires hours of preparation, briefings and safety procedures. COAP has hundreds of air-to-air flight hours, with the team being amongst the most experienced in-flight photographers in the business and you can join specific photo sorties with everything from fast jets, classic jets and warbirds!

Here you will find our operations that offer air-to-air photography, whether it’s a standalone shoot with a warbird or classic jet, the tailored support of an airshow or a Workshop on how to get the results.

These shoots will see you board a certified aircraft/operator and work in small groups inside a cameraship such as a Shorts Skyvan, Cessna Caravan or Beech Bonanza in fully briefed, safely and professionally executed sorties specifically for aerial photography.

We travel all over the world undertaking these operations, and they are offered either as dedicated COAP events or in tandem with one of our network of operators and professional shooters.

If you want to know what the experience is like, read our blog posts by clicking the button below.
Enjoy the ride!

We are proud to operate with the best in the business…

Air-to-Air overview…

•  Go air-to-air with incredible machines.
•  Experience the ultimate in aviation photography.
•  Safe, fully licensed operators.
•  Professional tuition.
•  Incredible results.
•  Any level welcome.

  • It was brilliant and exhilarating

    Mark, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • I look forward to the next ops – I’ve got the air-to-air bug for sure!

    Ian, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • It was an incredible rush.

    Erik, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • The rush of looking out from the open ramp at the aircraft that get really close is amazing. This really is something you have to have experienced as an aviation photographer. The opportunity that COAP and Aviation Photocrew gave was amazing.

    Erik, Air-to-Air Shooter.

  • This was such an exhilarating experience, something that I’ll never forget. This is something that has been on my bucket list for a long time, but now I’d like to repeat this on a regular basis, it’s so addictive!

    Darren, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • I knew it would be good but had no idea it would be that good! So much variety and so much time face to face with such fantastic machines, as well as some really good company for three days.

    Chris, Air-to-Air shooter.

  • Exotic Wings #23

    This is an awesome EW programme and we are very excited to be once again working with 3G Aviation Media to bring a superb blend of photographic hospitality at a major US airshow, as well as air-to-air photography with show participants, plus a dedicated photo chalet during the event as well as night shoot and Workshop!

    Your travel with COAP will ensure you are part of a small, flexible and photography-focussed group, offering the highest degree of flexibility to ensure a maximum return from as many vantage points as possible (and not forgetting a great social scene!).

    LOCATION: MCAS Cherry Point, NC
    SUBJECT: MCAS Cherry Point Airshow 2018
    DATE: 1-7 May 2018
    PRICE: From £1245 Land Only
    CAPACITY: 6x photographers 
    • Eight days, with seven nights hotel accommodation in rooms with en-suite facilities.
    • Breakfast each morning.
    • All transport costs.
    • Services of COAP Photo Manager.
    • All logistics, transport, transfers and admin.


    • VIP Media chalet at MCAS Cherry Point Air Show.
    • Pro sunset and night photography Workshop, as stated. • Air-to-air flights (separate payment if required).
    (See Itinerary PDF for more details. Login and download at the base of this page)

    MCAS Cherry Point is a great place, full of US Marine Corps action and, of course, the world’s last EA-6B Prowlers. 

    This is an awesome EW programme and we are very excited to be once again working with 3G Aviation Media to bring a superb blend of photographic hospitality at a major US airshow.

    It will include air-to-air photography with show participants, plus a dedicated photo chalet during the event as well as night shoot and Workshop! You’ll never have experienced shooting at a show like this before!

    We are also working on other operations in the area, so some flexibility is built into the itinerary and very much look forward to a great photography-filled visit. We’re staying in a great location so expect some super social times as well!

    DAY 1: TUESDAY 1st MAY
    (Full Itinerary photographers) Meet COAP at 06:00hrs in London Heathrow Terminal 3 at the Delta Air Lines check-in area ahead of the flight to Raleigh-Durham via Boston Logan.

    London Heathrow T3, Delta DL59, departs 09:40hrs
    Arrives Boston Logan, Terminal E, 12:18hrs

    We then head to the connecting flight area, for the onward flight to Raleigh-Durham.

    Boston Logan, Delta DL1946, departs 14:30hrs
    Arrives Boston Logan, Terminal 2, 16:37hrs

    (Land Only photographers) Meet COAP at the Arrivals Hall in Boston Logan around 17:30hrs.

    On arrival we collect our luggage from Baggage Reclaim and meet those arriving from other destinations in the Arrivals Hall around 17:30hrs before collecting our transport. 

    We then head towards the attractive early settler town of New Bern, where we check into the BridgePointe Hotel & Marina for six nights on a bed & breakfast basis. Expect some great social evenings, with fantastic restaurants and bars!

    Back-up air-to-air day. Today is the first arrivals day of the Cherry Point Airshow. We await to hear whether the air-to-air photography will be undertaken here or later on in the week. If it is not today, we will undertake an excursion to an aviation photography-related destination.

    Today we will be undertaking a local aviation photography excursion as the preparation for the show is finalised. Once the aerials are secured, it is our intention to make a long excursion up to the Steven Udvar Hazy Museum in Washington.

    DAY 4: FRIDAY 4th MAY
    Mid-afternoon we gather for a briefing on the evening’s plan, ahead of the night show. This all-action night event is expected to include fast jet burners, walls of flame, pyrotechnics and fireworks. A great night ahead!

    DAY 5 & 6: SATURDAY 5th & SUNDAY 6th MAY
    We have two days of full-on action ahead, from sunrise, through sunset and into the darkness. You will not have attended a show like this before… You will have your own dedicated VIP media chalet and full photography Workshop for sunset and night photography with exclusive access. See later for more information.

    DAY 7: MONDAY 7th MAY
    Back-up air-to-air day. At the end of the day, we head out to Raleigh-Durham to spend one night at the Holiday Inn, right by the airport, ready for our flight home tomorrow.

    MORE INFO ON THE AERIALS AND WORKSHOP IN THE PDF DOWNLOAD - login and scroll to the bottom of this page.

    DAY 8: TUESDAY 8th MAY
    (Full Itinerary Photographers) Flights home from Raleigh Durham as below.

    (Land Only Photographers). Arrangements as per your own schedule, being dropped off at Raleigh-Durham Airport at the below time if required.

    Raleigh-Durham Terminal 2, Delta DL6212, departs 14:05hrs
    Arrives Boston Logan Terminal A, 16:07hrs

    We then head to the connecting flight area, for the onward flight to London.

    Boston Logan Terminal A, DL58, departs 19:15hrs

    Arrives London Heathrow 07:05hrs.

    Joining & Booking

    1) SIGN UP:
    Click any of the big green buttons to create an account to sign up for free.
    2) WATCH YOUR INBOX: Once this is ready to book we will contact you directly.
    3) BOOK: Login to the site and this page will become live for bookings. All you need to do is click the red button and fill in the booking form (and remember to pack your camera!)

    Questions about the Operations of the Event? E-mail Rich on rich@centreofaviationphotography.com or call direct on +44 (0)7768 816029

    THE SMALL PRINT: All dates are preliminary until confirmed and ready for booking. All events are subject to change (especially the Assignments, as they are conducted with operational squadrons) and are subject to security, operational, technical or weather issues. As such, COAP, Service Providers and the respective militaries are not responsible for cancellation at any stage, bad weather or non-flying activity. Safety and Insurance is your own responsibility and risk. Safety and insurance is your own responsibility and risk. Please note that some Assignments can be very, very physically demanding, in extreme weather, for extended periods of time, with intense , fast-moving activity and any bookings are accepted on that basis. If you have any questions about the physical undertaking, please get in contact.

Hours of photographic operations
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