Photoshoot No3: Just Jane II & Photography Workshop

Photoshoot No3: Just Jane II & Photography Workshop

Dave Griffths attends a COAP Workshop on how to get the best out of his photography before joining TLE and COAP to experience the sights and sounds of a TLE shoot Lancaster at night with ‘RAF Bomber Command’ re-enactors.

Last September I attended COAP’s Photoshoot #3, held at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby – the home of ‘Just Jane’ Avro Lancaster NX611. The centre is very well maintained, with lots of preserved buildings giving it a real authentic feel, together with a NAAFI – it’s well worth a visit.

The event itself was in two parts, the COAP Workshop from 11.00hrs-16.00hrs and then the TimeLine Events shoot from 17.00hrs, where we were able to shoot the Lancaster together with re-enactors from dusk through to dark with floodlights and smoke to add atmosphere.

Rich Cooper and Steve Comber were our hosts throughout and took us through a number of presentation sessions based on their extensive experience – hints and tips were shared on how to shoot classic aircraft, aircraft in museums, and at night, together with post processing suggestions and how to get that ‘different shot’. They were also happy to answer any questions either during the sessions or on a one-to-one basis after.

We then had the opportunity to put some of what we had learned in to practice during the evening event. TLE had arrange for the re-enactors to be available before dark, so it was possible to shoot cameos with them and various pieces of ground equipment with the Lancaster in the background as the light faded. There were also cameos set up with vintage vehicles and a Canteen van, again with re-enactors strategically placed to make the shot. 

As the blue hour passed, the mighty Merlins were fired up, the lights were lit and then the smoke was added… it was a bit hit and miss at first as it swirled around, but persistence paid off and moving the lights, the smoke, and the re-enactors, saw us treated to some amazing scenes. Then, in the last few minutes of the engine run, the Moon came out, and I was able to get my favourite shot of the event. 

I have included a selection of images which have been processed in various ways so that you can see what can be achieved. Hopefully this gives you a good insight in to what to expect on a COAP workshop, and perhaps encourages you to attend one yourself.