Assignment No12: Payerne

Assignment No12: Payerne

Lance Peters squeezes every last drop of action out of the Swiss AF with COAP

I had never been to Switzerland before, but I had heard all about how good it was and seen some great images. COAP looked like the guys to experience it with and I was right! 

I hadn’t really ever shot operational jets – it’s so different to airshows and seeing all the action at Payerne during the World Economic Forum protection missions gave me a bug that I might never get rid of. I am not sure I can view airshows the same way again.

We were out all hours in all weathers. It was so great. Some people might think it was insane and they are probably right, but we got everything – we were constantly moving, using every conceivable vantage point to get the shot and watching the guys in action and seeing their results changed the way I was shooting.

I look back on the images with great memories and am really proud that I came away with such variety! In those few days I shot more ‘keepers’ than I thought ever possible.