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Back-seat air-to-air photography flown by brilliant military pilots under the tutorial of pro aviation shooters.

Whether seasoned shooter or first-timer, this is where back-seat air-to-air photography can become a reality! You can undertake the realms of ‘the best of the best’ under the expert guidance of pro photographers and active military pilots. From your sky-high vision to a pixel-infused reality!

- Experience back-seat air-to-air photography for the first time
- Build your portfolio and experience
- Experiment with new techniques and set-ups
- Learn the all-important intricacies of briefing, executing, debriefing and flight safety
- Land with incredible photographs and unforgettable lifetime achievements!

Delivered by some of the best aerial photographers in the business and executed by some of the finest pilots in the world, you will design, brief and execute your own air-to-air sortie – all under the guidance of COAP and Air Combat EU. It all starts with coaching in the art of aerial photography to your level of experience, and it will be during this time that your dreams will start to become a reality. Always wanted that certain shot? Marvelled at how the pros do it? We’ll take your ideas and turn them into a briefing and mentor you through the delivery of that briefing to your expert pilots.

And these are no ordinary pilots… Air Combat EU uses the skills of some of the finest, combat-proved F-16 pilots in the world, most of whom are still serving in the Royal Netherlands AF.

The sorties are as complicated or as straightforward as you want them to be. These friendly, approachable guys will listen to your brief, guide you through making it happen and then turn it into a reality as you strap in and head to the heavens!

The machines are the sleek, Italian-designed Blackshape Prime – a beautiful, capable and comfortable aircraft that looks fantastic in the air, with great visibility and a good cockpit and canopy combination.

You’ll get personalised treatment – this is only available for 1-6 people at a time…

Relax. You’ll be fine. And then you’ll be tearing around the heavens with your hair on fire and grinning ear-to-air as you experience the thrill of air-to-air photography. Let the team do the work – all you have to do is take the picture. You’ll be fine… And your images will be freaking awesome.

Done a bit, sat in a Skyvan, but never gone head-to-head? The sortie is yours to plan. The subject is yours to shoot in the side and forward flight realms that you just can’t achieve any other way.

Try out new ideas for your fast-jet serials here. Test yourself. Push yourself. Planning is King.

Brand new corporate team-building exercises! You will not believe the benefits and business synergy that becoming a COAP ACE can bring. Check it out…

CREATIVITY & THINKING BIG: Design and create the ideas that what you want to see through exploratory discussion.
RESEARCH & PLANNING: See what has gone before, apply it to your own ideas, and begin to form a clear, dynamic and manageable plan.
EXECUTION: Clear communication skills to a professional audience, with built-in safety and rules of flight. You are given a canvass with set boundaries but what you do with it and what you achieve within it is yours to shape.
DELIVERY: Meeting targets and objectives, with tangible end results.
ANALYSIS: A frank, open, honest and objective assessment of your results.
WORKING UNDER PRESSURE: The aerial domain is a demanding one. You will have your plan and your briefing and be in charge of how it unfolds, often with set timings involved. It is a challenge, but one that allows you to grow into that task thanks to the expertise of the COAP/ACE team and the fast learning curve that abounds.
CONFIDENCE & ACHIEVEMENT: There is nothing like the feeling of planned, delivered and executed your own ideas and having a tangible result at the end of it. You will be able to go back into any business environment with renewed confidence and enthusiasm for the future.
Why do all that in a boring classroom, stuck to a desk with a pen in your hand when you could be strapped into an aeroplane flying around the clouds at 2500ft with a camera in your hand and get better, longer-lasting, more impactful and more productive outcomes for your team?


  • Air Combat EU provided a simply exhilarating experience for my first air-to-air back seat photography flight. Any feelings of apprehension were allayed by the support and ideas given during both the pre-flight briefings and the flights themselves. The pilots were knowledgeable, safe and informative throughout the entire experience and I constantly caught myself smiling even when I was upside down!

    Carl, COAP ACE Graduate.

  • The course will show what is involved in the planning and execution of an air-to-air sortie to produce the type of images that you see in books and magazines.

    Mark, COAP ACE Graduate.

  • The opportunity to fly with Air Combat EU and COAP was a fantastic chance to experience the planning and execution of backseat air-to-air photography. Under the expert guidance of the COAP pros and former fast jet crews the results were better than I could have ever hoped for as a ‘first timer’. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the experience.

    Neil, COAP ACE Graduate.

Hours of photographic operations
available through COAP this year!
Hours of expert training
available through COAP this year!
Hours of expert insider knowledge
available through COAP this year!