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    To The Future of Aviation Photography
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    Develop your photography, editing and end-product skills at all levels.
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    'Up close and operational' shoots with the world's military.
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    Specific themed organised shoots, with Workshops attached.

Welcome to COAP

The Centre of Aviation Photography (COAP) is a professionally-run not-for-profit organisation that brings you a year-round programme of events to take your aviation photography to new heights.

COAP was created in 2015 by award-winning and world-renown photographer and journalist Rich Cooper.

It offers Seminars to discuss cutting edge topics with the best in the business, Workshops to bring your photography and editing skills to another level and Assignments to professionally engage with military aviation, experience the frontline and produce stunning end results. Coming soon will be Photo Shoots to engage in themed recreations that allow you to hone your skills and capture unique results.

All of the COAP events raise money for charitable organisations associated with specific host units.

“This is not just about getting access all areas (though that is a big part), but also about the learning of different levels of photography and post-processing, the development of your hobby into tangible end products, sharing experience, working alongside pros all over the world, meeting and discussing relevant topics with the people that are best in the business, the social side and the belonging to something that is year-round.”

Rich Cooper

Hours of photographic operations
available through COAP this year!
Hours of expert training
available through COAP this year!
Hours of expert insider knowledge
available through COAP this year!